PlayTV for PlayStation 3

PlayTV  Few days ago my freeview receiver died, so I started looking for a replacement. As I already have PS3, and having thought about PlayTV before, this was an easy choice.

So today I got my hands on PlayTV, and at the same time got Sony’s Blu-ray remote, as I didn’t want to use the controller to watch TV.

Installation was easy, however you need to have latest system updates installed beforehand. By the time introductory video was finished, the software finished installing.

Next was the setup. Before continuing, I had to download latest PlayTV update. Once that has installed, setup resumed. It has a very nice looking and easy to follow guide, which guides you through physically connection PlayTV unit to PS3 and areal, to scanning TV channels. Setup is very quick and easy, and once finished you’ll go to PlayTV menu. From here you can watch TV, schedule recording, watch recorded videos, change preferences, etc.

On-screen menus are very nicely done, much better than on any receivers I have seen so far. I tired recording, watching replays, everything worked without any problems. Seven-day programme guide is also very nicely presented. As a whole, the interface is very user friendly and easy to use.

If you have PS3 I’d highly recommend PlayTV. For the price of an ordinary freeview receiver, you get recording capability and a much nicer interface. And with this add-on you’ll make your PS3 a real entertainment hub – watch and record tv, view photos and videos from your media library, listen to music, browse the net and play games – a perfect all-in-one solution which doesn’t cost a fortune.


How To: Windows Server – Force Admin Terminal Server Connection

If you need to connect remotely to a windows server for administration purposes and find that all remote connections are taken, you can force an extra admin connection.

To do that, run the following command:

mstsc /v:server-name/admin

/v: – The remote computer to connect to
/admin – Connect to a session for administering the server

This should get you logged into the server.