SymbOS, an 8 bit multitasking OS

SymbOS is an 8 bit multitasking OS for Z80 CPU. It is available for Amstrad CPC and MSX series of computers. It can also be used with emulators. Here are instructions on how to set it up to run under WinApe Amstrad CPC emulator.

Step 1

Download and install WinApe emulator.
Download SymbOS roms and (optionally) additional application packages. Make sure you download CPC package, not MSX one.

Step 2

Start WinApe. Go to Setting -> Memory and load SymbOS roms as shown below.

Step 3

Select Settings -> Reset. When emulator reboots, you should see SymbOS rom loaded. Start SymbOS by typing |sym or |symbos (to find where Amstrad | key is on PC keyboard, go to Settings -> Input).

Step 4

SymbOS will now start up. Enjoy.




How to save multiple images as one PFD file on a Mac

Here are steps on how to save multiple images as one PFD file on a Mac.

– Open the first image in Preview

– If not already turned on, turn on Thumbnail view (View -> Thumbnails)

– Select the rest of the images and drag them onto Thumbnail view

– Select Print from File menu

– Click on PDF drop down in lower left corner, and select Save as PDF

– Select save location and save the file  (choose “use .PDF” if prompted)