How to Cancel App Store Update in OS X

When you are downloading updates from Mac App Store, you can pause the update of an app. But what if you want to cancel it altogether? Luckily, App Store offers that functionality as well.

Go to Updates in App Store and press and hold Option key. This will change Pause button into Cancel button for all apps that are currently updating. Click on Cancel button while holding Option key, and the update for that app will be cancelled.

However, if the app has already finished downloading and has started installing, you won’t be able to cancel the update. In this case just wait for the installation to finish and remove the app.


How to enable Dashboard in OS X El Capitan

Apple has disabled Dashboard by default in OS X El Capitan.

To enable it, go to System Preferences -> Mission Control and change Dashboard to “As Space” or “Overlay”. As Space setting makes Dashboard function in the same way as in previous versions of OS X (as another desktop), and Overlay setting displays Dashboard over your current desktop. You can also assign function key which brings up the Dashboard.


How to manually check for updates for Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

To check for Office 2011 for Mac updates manually, you need to run Microsoft AutoUpdate application and check for updates from there.

To launch Microsoft AutoUpdate, open your hard drive in Finder and go to /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/.

Run Microsoft AutoUpdate application and select Check for Updates.

How to write CD / DVD image in OS X

You can write CD / DVD images to disc using Disk Utility in OS X.

Insert blank CD / DVD and open Disk Utility. Then click on File -> Open Disk Image and select image that you wish to burn. Image should now appear on left hand side panel in Disk Utility. Select the image on left hand side panel and click on Burn. Image will now be burned to a blank disc.

Disk Utility - Burn Image

Mac OS X – How to remove Services from context menu

If you wish to remove a service from the context menu (e.g. Evernote’s “Add to Evernote” or Wunderlist’s “Add to Wunderlist” menu items), follow these steps:

1) Open System Preferences

2) Go to Keyboard

3) Select Shortcuts tab

4) Click on Services in left hand side list

Now all you need to do is de-select services which you want removed from the context menu.

System Preferences

AVG Cleaner for Mac

AVG Cleaner for Mac OS X is a simple to use hard drive clean up utility. It is made by the same company that develops AVG Antivirus.

AVG Cleaner consists of Disk Cleaner, and Duplicate Finder. Disk Cleaner allows you to clean cache files, logs, downloads and trash. Duplicate Finder looks for duplicate files inside your pictures, music, videos and documents folders by default, but you can also specify a custom folder location to search for duplicates.

AVG Cleaner is free and you can get it from App Store.

Official website

AVG Cleaner