How to Ignore Reply to All Messages in Outlook

One of my pet peeves is people who use Reply to All on general messages sent to a large number of recipients. If for example someone sends a message to 100 employees asking who is attending a training session, there is no need to hit reply to all, as majority of people on the recipient list don’t care if you are attending or not.

If you are using Outlook, you can ignore the conversation, and all future emails in the conversation thread will be sent directly to Deleted Items folder. Just be aware that if someone does reply with useful information, that email will end up in Deleted Items folder as well.

To ignore the conversation, select an email from the thread and in the top left corner of the Home tab click on Ignore. That’s it.


Click here for related article and more info on Microsoft Support site.


How to restart stuck Windows 10 Update downloads

In some cases, Windows 10 Updates can get stuck while downloading – the download will get to a certain percentage and will not progress further. You can try and run Windows 10 Update Troubleshooter, but it won’t always resolve the issue.

To resolve stuck downloads manually, do the following:

Stop Windows Update service – open command prompt and run the following command

net stop wuauserv

Then open Windows Explorer and navigate to


This is where Windows Update stores downloaded files before installing updates.

Delete everything from that folder.

Go back to command prompt and start the Windows Update service by running the following command

net start wuauserv

Go to Setting and then go to Updates and click on Check for Updates button. Any updates that were not installed will start downloading from the beginning (0%). This time the download should finish without issues.

How to Force Refresh iOS App Store

If you wish to refresh iOS App Store, you can either force close and re-open it, or you could force refresh content right from the App Store itself.

To force refresh App Store, tap 10 times on one of the options at the bottom – Featured, Top Charts, Explore, Search or Updates. Make sure you pick one option and tap on it 10 times (e.g. tap 10 times on Updates), rather than tap on different options.

Once you’ve tapped 10 times, App Store content will reload, along with any updates as well.


App Store

How to Hard Reset HP Laptop

Doing a Hard Reset (or Forced Reset) on HP laptop to clear and then set up again connections between BIOS and the hardware. You can use this to resolve a range of issues, such as boot issues, Windows not loading properly, or software freezing when you use it.

To do a hard reset, perform the following steps:

  1. Turn off you laptop.
  2. Disconnect power and anything else you might have connected (e.g. printer, USB hard drive, mouse).
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. Press and hold Power button for 30 seconds.

Once you’ve done all this, re-insert the battery and power up your laptop.

How to Cancel App Store Update in OS X

When you are downloading updates from Mac App Store, you can pause the update of an app. But what if you want to cancel it altogether? Luckily, App Store offers that functionality as well.

Go to Updates in App Store and press and hold Option key. This will change Pause button into Cancel button for all apps that are currently updating. Click on Cancel button while holding Option key, and the update for that app will be cancelled.

However, if the app has already finished downloading and has started installing,¬†you won’t be able to cancel the update. In this case just¬†wait for the installation to finish and remove the app.

How to Speed up Windows Folder Loading

Sometimes there is one (or more) folders on your PC that take a very long time to load and display contents when you try to open them. This is due to the fact that Windows will try to figure out what type of content is mostly present in that folder to optimize the folder view (e.g. Pictures, Music, etc.).

You can stop this behavior by changing the folder’s content type in Properties. Right-click on folder and select Properties, then go to Customize tab. Select General Items from “Optimize this folder for” drop down list. You can also select “Apply this template to all subfolders” if you have subfolders inside with the same issue. Click Apply to apply changes, and then OK to close Properties dialog.

Change should take place immediately next time you open up that folder.

Windows fast folder load

How to enable remote connections to MySQL server

When you install MySQL, remote connections are disabled by default for security reasons.

You can enable remote connections by changing configuration options in config file.

Edit my.cnf configuration file. On Debian based distributions (also includes Raspbian, which is what I’m using), config file is located in /etc/mysql/my.cnf.

sudo pico /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Once config file is open, find section [mysqld]. Under that section you’ll need to set bind address (which by default should be set to to your server’s IP address. You can also bind to if you don’t wish to specify IP address – useful if machine on which MySQL is hosted has dynamically allocated IP address. You’ll also need to comment out or remove skip-networking line if its in the config file.

So if the machine on which MySQL is hosted has an IP address of, configuration options need to look like:


Or if you don’t want to specify IP address:


Leave rest of the configuration file as is and save your changes. Restart MySQL for changes to take effect.

Once this is done, you’ll need to enable users to connect remotely – this is done by creating user account(s) with “From Host” option set to specific IP address from which user is going to connect, or setting “From Host” to “%” value which will accept connection from any host for that username.

For more information on user administration, look at MySQL Manual – Users and Privileges or MySQL Manual – Adding User Accounts.