Internet Explorer – New tab shows black background

Recently Internet Explorer 10 on my Windows 7 PC started showing new tabs with black background. Today, after installing Internet Explorer 11 the black background was still there, so I decided to investigate.

It seems that this problem can occur if you change your Windows theme settings (which I did recently). To resolve the issue and have new tab in IE appear with normal background color, you need to change to a different Windows theme, and then change back to the one you were using.

Right click on your desktop and choose ‘Personalize’. If your current theme changes have not been saved, save them now by clicking on ‘Save theme’. Then choose and apply different theme. Once its applied, select your saved theme and reapply it. Open IE and new tab will be back to the normal background color.

IE Black

3 thoughts on “Internet Explorer – New tab shows black background

  1. This solution worked for me. However, I had to switch to another theme, reboot, switch back to my original theme and reboot again. Simply switching themes without rebooting did not work.

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