IDrive – Online Backup



IDrive is an online backup service for PCs, Macs and smartphones (such as iPhone and Android).

Basic plan (IDrive Basic) gives you 5GB of online storage for free – which is very generous compared to some of the other online backup services.

Once you create a new account, select which platform you use (Windows or Mac) and download and install client for the selected platform. Installation and setup were pretty straight forward, and I was ready to start backing up within minutes of registration. After selecting files and folders I wanted to backup online, upload started, files were transferred to the online backup server and that was it – all done. You can also install a free iPhone app that allows you to browse and view your backed up files on your phone – very handy.

Some of the features of IDrive:

  • Open / locked file backup
  • Mapped drive backup
  • IDrive explorer
  • Versioning
  • Web based backup management
Read the full list of features here.
Overall very easy to use backup solution, and free plan (5GB) should be enough for most users. Now there is no excuse for not backing up those important documents.

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