Boxee – Freeware Home Theatre PC Application


Boxee is a cross platform, freeware Home Theatre PC (HTPC) application. It uses XBMC media center as framework for its user interface and core media player functionality.

One feature that sets Boxee apart from its competition is the social networks feature. Boxee allows you to connect to several social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc). This integration allows users to view and rate video posts by friends.

Boxee has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also download a free remote control app to your iPhone.

I downloaded Windows package and installed it on my home theatre PC, and also installed remote control app for iPhone. Installation and setup were easy and straight forward. Once I launched Boxee for the first time, I had a look through settings. Here you can do things like set up video, music and picture sources, change location, configure video and audio, install applications, etc. Remote control app for iPhone scans for computers running Boxee automatically on startup, which is a handy feature.

I found the interface to be very nice looking and easy to navigate, making it one of the better ones among all HTPC software I’ve tried so far. Main screen provides access to music, video, photos, apps and file browser. It also displays video feeds from any social networks you may have connected to, along with recommended videos and a current media player queue. Remote control for iPhone is also very easy to use, making the whole setup very user friendly.

If you are looking for a media center solution, I would highly recommend to take Boxee for a test run.

You can get Boxee here.


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