Living in a Cloud

In the last few months, I’ve been doing a lot of work on the go – busy schedule required me to work from pretty much anywhere. As a result of this, I’ve started using several cloud based services. This meant that I wasn’t dependent on having to use my main computer for work – these services allowed me to do most things online, as long as I had access to the internet. This made my life so much easier, as now I didn’t have to worry about whether I had a copy of the latest version of the document I’m working on, or whether I remembered to copy important files to the laptop that I happen to be using at a time. So much so that now I try to avoid desktop applications if there is suitable cloud based alternative.

Now lets have a look at the services that will help you achieve digital freedom.

Gmail – you are probably already using this, but if you are not for some reason, sign up. This is Google reinventing email and making it so much better.

Google Docs – Online office suite, one word to describe it – brilliant. You can create text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and drawings. You can also upload your existing documents (MS Office, OpenOffice, etc) and work with them online.

Dropbox – Online file storage, which gives you up to 2.25GB of free storage space. It has Windows / Mac / iPhone clients to automatically sync up files that you are sharing. You can also access all your files through a web browser.

Google Calendar – Another great product from Google. You can create events, invite participants, create and manage tasks. It also integrates nicely with Mac and iPhone.

Skype – Great free voice and video conferencing application. Also available for iPhone.

Scribblar – an online whiteboard, great for those conferences where participants are in different locations. You can share your whiteboard with other users, and there are lots of tools for drawing and editing. You can also save your images.

Gliffy – web based diagram editor. Create and share diagrams and drawings online.

And also keep an eye out for iCloud – a service that is soon to be released by Apple.

So if you are a person that spends a lot of time on the go, check these services out, they may make your life much easier.


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