OS X Lion

OS X Lion

Today I purchased OS X Lion from App Store and installed it on my MacBook Pro.

Install file size was 3.75GB and after downloading the setup launched automatically. Whole installation took about 30 minutes, and was very smooth, requiring no user input. After setup had finished, the system rebooted itself and that was it. My Mac was now running OS X Lion.

When you log in, you will notice two new icons on the dock – Mission Control and Launchpad.

Mission Control is a new interface that gives you a quick overview of what your Mac is doing at the moment. It shows you all applications that are running, and also allows for quick switching between  virtual workspaces. This is a feature that you will find useful if running lots of applications at the same time.

Launchpad is basically an iPhone / iPad interface for your Mac. You can move icons around and create folders like in iOS. It looks and acts very nice, like you would expect on iPhone / iPad. I was very impressed and found it to be a very nice addition.

One other thing that you will probably notice is that scrolling behavior has changed. Now by default it has what they call natural scroll direction. Which means that the content tracks “finger movement”, so it behaves (scrolls) the same way as iPhone and iPad – which is the opposite of how you use trackpad / mouse. This can be turned off in System Preferences -> Trackpad, un-tick “Scroll direction: natural”.

OS X Lion has over 250 new features, some of which include:

  • AirDrop – send files wirelessly to computers around you
  • Cocoa AppleScript applets
  • AutoSave – automatically saves changes to your documents as you work
  • FaceTime
  • FileVault 2 – full disk encryption
  • Full screen apps
  • Launch Pad
  • Mission Control
  • Multi touch gestures

You can see the full list of new features on the official site.

Note to developers – if you are using Xcode, you will have to upgrade to new version. It is free and you can get it from the App Store.

Overall, a very good upgrade which brings some nice new features and interface add-ons.


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