iPhone App – ZX Spectrum Elite Collection

Today I downloaded this cool app (get it from iTunes), which allows you to play old classic ZX Spectrum games on your iPhone.

The app itself is free, as are a dozen of games that come with it – if you want more than what is provided in the download package, you’ll have to pay extra.

Included free games are:

  • Battleships
  • Batty
  • Beyond The Ice Palace
  • Buggy Boy
  • Chuckie Egg
  • Frank Bruno’s Boxing
  • Grand National
  • Harrier Attack
  • Kokotoni Wilf
  • Roller Coaster
  • Saboteur
  • Saboteur 2
  • Turbo Esprit
So as you can see even the free games have a few classics amongst them, like Batty, Turbo Esprit, Harrier Attack and Saboteur.
Graphics and sound overall are very good, and the controls are not bad – of course the touch screen doesn’t feel even close to the original Speccy keyboard, but it does the job.
So if you are feeling nostalgic, head over to App store and get this app – its free after all, and it will provide a great trip down memory lane.

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