iPhone – The user name or password for Gmail is incorrect

Say you are using Google Mail on your iPhone, everything is working perfectly, until one day it just refuses to connect to the mail server, with a message “The user name or password for Gmail is incorrect.”

This has happened to me a couple of times already, and it drove me absolutely nuts, since I could access Gmail through Safari, rechecked password in mail settings, even tried deleting an account and adding it again on iPhone, but nothing worked.

After also trying numerous other things suggested on various forums, the only solution that worked every time was to go to https://www.google.com/accounts/UnlockCaptcha?, enter your details and click on “Unlock”. Not sure why Google seems to lock access every now and then, but this resolves the issue.

4 thoughts on “iPhone – The user name or password for Gmail is incorrect

  1. This solution worked perfectly. All the other solutions from various other sites did not work – this worked first time. Thank you for your help!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this up!
    I was going crazy with my iPhone… I had tried everything, and nothing had worked…
    This worked perfectly!! Thank you! Thank you! Happy New Year!!! =)

  3. My gmail account on my Mac opens but my gmail on my iphone does not. Also, “notes” does not work on my iphone. I tried the Unlock/Captcha on my iphone and it responded with “no results found on server”

  4. Nice. It appears google blocks access from an account if it doesn’t recognize the location (although i was doing nothing new). I believe there had been a Google outage the day before this happened to me and that might have triggered the problem. While being blocked in my iPad via the standard email app, I was able to access the account on the same iPad using the Lastpass browser and on my Droid using the standard email client.

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