Visual Basic 2010 Express

Visual Studio 2010 ExpressVisual Basic 2010 Express is part of Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 Express, a free development suite.

Along Visual Basic, Visual Studio 2010 Express also includes Visual C# and Visual C++. You might also be interested in Visual Web Developer Express or SQL Server 2008 R2 Express.

Visual Basic is a great way to introduce yourself into the world of programming. It is considered to be an easy to use language for beginners.


1. Download Visual Basic 2010 Express installer and start Setup

2. Click “Next” on Welcome screen

3. Accept licence agreement

4. Click  “Install”

5. Click “Exit”

Hello World

Now that you have Visual Basic installed, lets make a simple application. “Hello World” is the first and simplest program written by every programmer.

1. Start Visual Basic

2. Click File -> New Project

3. Enter application name and select “Windows Forms Application” and click “OK”

4. Select “Toolbox” tab on the left side.

5. Select Button

6. Click on the form to place the button

7. Double click the button to open the code window

8. Type MessageBox.Show(“Hello World”)

9. Click Debug ->Start Debugging

Your application will now start. If you click the button a message box saying “Hello World” will appear.

If you are interested in looking into Visual Basic further, some good resources are Microsoft’s Visual Basic Developer Center, VB.Net Heaven, ASPFree and Dev Aricles.

Happy coding!


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