How to: Clone your hard drive using Clonezilla

ClonezillaClonezilla is a free hard drive imaging / cloning utility. You can clone disk / partition to another disk / partition, or you can clone disk / partition to an image file. This article explains how to clone your hard disk to a file image on another hard drive (e.g. external USB drive).

First, you’ll need to download Clonezilla and create a bootable CD. Once you have done that, follow instructions below.

1. Insert Clonezilla CD and restart your computer

2. Once Clonezilla boots up, choose interface language

3. On the next screen, “Configure Console”, select “Don’t touch keymap”

4. Select “Start Clonezilla”

5. Select option “Work with disks or partitions using images”

6. Select “Use local device” (local_dev). Connect USB drive when prompted, wait for 5 sec and press enter

7. Select where to save an image. If you are saving to external USB drive, it will usually be device sdb1.

8. Select image save directory

9. Select beginner mode option

10. Select mode savedisk

11. Enter file image name

12. Select source (that you want to clone). Here you can select a single partition or an entire hard disk.

13. Select “yes” on prompts that follow and wait for the cloning to finish.


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