XBMC remote for iPhone

XBMoteCIn one of previous articles I demonstrated a media centre setup with XBMC and iPhone. That article shows how to control XBMC using TouchMouse app. Now I’ll show another way to remote control XBMC.

One of the things that XBMC does is allow remote control over HTTP. After doing some research, I found several feee apps for iPhone that act as a HTTP remote. The app that I have chosen is XBMoteC .

Windows Setup

Open XBMC and from the main menu select “System” then “Network”.In the Network Settings menu select “Enable control of XBMC via HTTP”.

Install XBMC remote – download here.

iPhone Setup

Download and install XBMoteC app from App Store.

Start the app, add new server and enter your computer details.

I found the app to be quite good, remote is easy to use and response is instant. The app also makes it easy to jump between libraries (music, video, photos) with a tap of a button. You can also shut down your computer remotely.

Highly recommended, and best of all it’s free.

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