How to: Stream Windows Media (WMP12) to PlayStation 3

PS3This article explains how to stream media libraries that you have set up in Windows Media Player to PS3. To be able to stream media, first you’ll need to configure Windows 7 to share libraries set up in Windows Media Player, and then configure PS3 to connect to Windows 7 PC.

Windows Setup

1) Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet
2) Select Home Group and Sharing Options
3) Click Change advanced sharing settings
4) Under Public -> Media Streaming click on Choose media streaming options
5) Click Turn on media streaming
6) Enter a name for your library
7) Click OK

Note: “Choose media streaming options” screen can also be accessed from within Windows Media Player. Select Stream -> More Streaming Options…

To configure a library in Windows Media Player, right click desired library (Music, Videos, or Pictures) and select Manage Music Library

PS3 Setup

You’ll need to find PS3’s MAC address.

1) System Setting > System Information
2) Network Settings (Scroll towards bottom)

Once you note down the Mac address then on your PC go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Advance Sharing Settings.

Check that Network Discovery is ON and File & Printer Sharing is ON.

Click on Media Streaming options.

In Media Sharing window select Show devices drop bar and select All Networks from the list.

Double click each Unknown device to see the MAC address of the device. If the address matches your PS3 MAC address then allow that device for media sharing.

Now you can browse and play the media from your PS3 through Video, Music and Pictures libraries.


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