Apple’s Find my iPhone

Find My iPhoneApple’s Find my iPhone (part of MobileMe services) is now available for free on iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.
This handy service helps you locate  your iPhone should you happen to lose it. It will show iPhone’s location on a map, and you can also send a remote message, play a sound, lock the phone or even do a remote wipe.

To set up Find my iPhone, make sure your iPhone 4 is running iOS4.2.

1) Go to Settings and choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Step 1

2) Select Add Account and then select MobileMe


3) Enter you Apple ID account details (or create a free one if you haven’t already)

Step 3

4) Verify your account via verification email that has been sent to you (if you can’t see verification email in your inbox, select your MobileMe account and select Resend Verification Email).

Step 4

5) Return to MobileMe screen and switch on Find My iPhone. Select Allow on a message that appears after switching on the service.

Step 5

6) Sign in to MobileMe from a computer to see your iPhone.

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